Celebration of Happy Bangla New Year 1417
On 14 April 2010, the College celebrated Pohela Boishakh, the first day of the Bangla New Year 1417 very gorgeously. Students from every nook and corner and taechers participated in the colourful rally in the morning.

With the presentation of various sides of our rural life they passed the roads of the town singing the famous song of Tagore "Esho he Boishakh, esho esho." The rally was initiated in the College campus by the Honourable Principal Professor Md. Abdur Rouf and Honourable Vice-Principal Mr. Md Abu Bakr Siddik. Then led by Dr. Shah Md. Amir Ali, Head of the Department of Bangla, and accompanied by honourable teachers of the College, the participants of the rally moved up to the Chourasta of Thakurgaon Town. They carried with them fishing nets and "polo" (traps), umbrella, colourful water pots (pitchers), bows, hukkah (traditional smoking pipe and device), different musical instruments. Some male students wore our traditional dress lungi or "dhuti" and guernsey or punjabi while female students decorated themselves with shari (mostly of red, white and yellow colours), tip and bangles. Some students hired buffalo carts and rode it in a large group.

After the rally the programme of the celebration of Pohela Boishakh began on the open stage under the jackfruit trees before the Department of Political Science. There the Honourabe Principal, our Vice Principal, and the Secretary of the Teachers Council, Mr. Md. Abdur Rahman gave their speech on the occasion. The cultural programme followed their speech. A good number of students presented folk songs like Palli Geeti and Vawaiya, Rabindra Sangeet, Lalon Geeti, recitation, group music, solo and group dance.

The audience sometimes were spell-bound to perceive the ecstasy of this beautiful programme. Their ecstasy overflowed when a group of dancers from the students started their last performance on the stage with the rhythm and beats of "Baje re baje dhole aar dhak, elo re elo Pohela Boishakh" and spectator teachers could not resist but joined with them! The crowd then began to catch in themselves whomsover they found sitting on the teachers gallery and bound them dance with them. Even the Honourable Vice Principal Md. Abu Bakr Siddik Sir was also tried but he escaped somehow! Thus a mingling of students and teachers in the combined performance rendered the ending a memorable and remarkable incident for the fresh year 1417.